Around the world in 14 days: SpringOne China December 2012

The final trip of 2012 was an amazing 14 day trip to China, India and Dubai. The first stop was Beijing for SpringOne China. This was my second time in Beijing and I really enjoyed being there. The Great Wall Sheraton is an excellent hotel and the food in Beijing was great. I also took an extremely interesting chinese cooking class that I’ll describe in another post.

SpringOne China was an awesome, high-energy event with over 3000+ very enthusiastic attendees (~800 onsite, ~2500 online) .

I gave three presentations. The first was Using Spring with non-relational databases that describes how Spring Data simplifies the development of applications that use NoSQL databases .

The second talk was Developing polyglot persistence applications. This talk describes how to develop applications that combine SQL and NoSQL databases and so leverage the strengths of each kind of database. In the talk, I describe a version of my book’s Food to Go application that uses MySQL as the ACID system of record and uses Redis to scale reads. One interesting part of the design is a mechanism for reliably propagating updates from MySQL to Redis.

You can find the MySQL + Redis application for this talk on

The final talk was the latest version of Decomposing applications for deployability and scalability that describes how to architect systems that consist of many small collaborating back-end services.

After SpringOne China, I flew via Hong Kong to Bangalore, India for the first of two SpringOne India events.

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4 Responses to Around the world in 14 days: SpringOne China December 2012

  1. Iyer says:

    awesomem- developed something similar at Shutterfly to solve polyglot persistence needs there.

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