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Don’t forget about value objects!

The other day I came across some code that looks something like this (class names changed to hide and the code simplified to protect the privacy of the developer šŸ™‚ ): This code suffers from theĀ code smell known asĀ Primitive Obsession. … Continue reading

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Oracle Code NYC and Reddit AMA: No such thing as a microservice!

Next Tuesday at Oracle Code NYC, I’ll be giving a keynoteĀ There is No Such Thing as a Microservice! This talk will clarify the definition of the termĀ Microservice Architecture, describe why it is not a silver bullet and outline theĀ issues you … Continue reading

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The human side of adopting the microservice architecture

Adopting the Microservice Architecture changes your architecture, your organization and your development processes. Ultimately, however, it changes the working environment of people, who are fundamentally emotional. Their emotions, if ignored, can make the adoption of microservices a bumpy ride. The … Continue reading

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Navigating the microservice architecture pattern language – part 1

The microservice architecture pattern languageĀ consists of numerous groups of patterns. The value of a pattern language exceeds the sum of it’s individual patterns because it defines Ā these relationships between the patterns: Predecessor – a predecessor pattern is a pattern that … Continue reading

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Microservices training at Healthesystems in Tampa, FL

Earlier this year, I taught three microservices training classes at Healthesystems. They areĀ a Tampa, FL based company that is migrating their large, complex monolithic application to a microservices architecture. Ā They have invested heavily in bringing outside expertise to helpĀ with the … Continue reading

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Microservices training and good food in Lisle, IL

Last week, I spent 4 days in Lisle, IL teaching a condensed version of my hands on 5 day microservices class. You are probably wondering where and what is Lisle, IL? That was my reactionĀ when the client told me the … Continue reading

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There are no silver bullets

Earlier this year,Ā I wrote a blog post for O’Reilly describing my motivations for creating the microservices pattern language. It begins with: Back in 1986, Fred Brooks, author of The Mythical Man-Month, said that in software engineering, there are no silver … Continue reading

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