My new O’Reilly training video: Event-Driven Microservices

I am super excited about my new training video that has just been published by O’Reilly: Event-Driven Microservices – a Pattern Language for Deployment, Communication, and Refactoring. The 4 hour 46 minute video presents a balanced view of the benefits and drawbacks of microservices. It outlines the motivations driving the adoption of the microservice architecture; compares and contrasts it to monolithic architecture; describes solutions to key problems such as inter-service communication and distributed data management including event sourcing and CQRS; and presents strategies for refactoring a monolithic application into a set of microservices.

The video complements my in-person training classes, which include a 2 day, on site microservices workshop that is a great way for a team to get up to speed with microservices. As one recent customer said:

This class was fantastic. Chris communicates complex concepts clearly. His sense of humor and calm nature are real strengths and he really helped my team build confidence. It was refreshing to learn about microservices architecture from someone who not only understood the decisions & tradeoffs we will need to manage but has the ability and experience to present pros and cons in a balanced way.
Dave King, CTO – NAV

Another training option is the  one day microservices class that I am teaching in Oakland, CA on April 28th. There are still spots available so take a look.

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