Developing polyglot applications on Cloud Foundry

At Oredev 2012 I gave a talk titled Polyglot application development on Cloud Foundry.

Developing web applications used to be simple. Your single war-file web application served up HTML to a desktop browser and used a relational database. Today however, web applications are much more complex: the front-end uses HTML5 and NodeJS, the middle tier is decomposed into multiple services, and the back-end uses a mix of SQL and NoSQL databases. Developing these kind of applications can be challenging since there are so many moving parts that need to be correctly installed and configured. Deployment is even more difficult.

In this talk, you will learn why we need to build applications with this architectural style and how Cloud Foundry, which is modern, multi-lingual, multi-service, extensible open-source PaaS, can help. We will talk about how to develop modern applications that run on Cloud Foundry and cover what’s new and different about the cloud environment. You will learn how your application can consume the various services that are provided by Cloud Foundry. We will discuss the various ways of using Cloud Foundry including the Micro Cloud that runs on a laptop as well as the hosted

Here are the slides:

You also watch the video:

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