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Need to install MongoDB, RabbitMQ, or MySQL? Use Docker to simplify dev and test

Almost every interesting application uses at least one infrastructure service such as a database or a message broker. For example, if you tried to build and/or run the Spring Boot-based user registration service you would have discovered that it needs both MongoDB and RabbitMQ. … Continue reading

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The world is an amazing place – the photos on my business cards

I like to order business cards from since they let you put photos on the back. Here are the photos from the January 2015 order.

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Example application for my #qconsf presentation about building microservices with event sourcing and CQRS

My presentation Building microservices with event sourcing and CQRS describes the challenges of functionally decomposing a domain model in a microservices based application. It shows that  a great way to solve those problems is with an event-driven architecture that is based on event … Continue reading

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