Upcoming microservices public training classes

Over the next couple of months I am teaching a couple of public, 1 day  microservices training classes:

This is what the class covers:

A monolithic architecture is a great choice for small applications. However, a better approach for large, complex applications is to use a microservice architecture, which structures the application as a set of services. Each service can be developed, deployed and scaled independently. The microservice architecture enables teams that develop large, complex applications to be agile. In this tutorial, you will learn about the motivations for using microservice architecture. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of microservices. You will learn how to solve some of the key technical challenges with using the microservice architecture, including inter-service communication and distributed data management. We will discuss strategies for refactoring a monolithic application to microservices.

And here is a testimonial from a recent client of my private, onsite 2 day microservices workshop:

This class was fantastic. Chris communicates complex concepts clearly. His sense of humor and calm nature are real strengths and he really helped my team build confidence. It was refreshing to learn about microservices architecture from someone who not only understood the decisions & tradeoffs we will need to manage but has the ability and experience to present pros and cons in a balanced way.
Dave King, CTO – NAV


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