Around the world in 14 days: SpringOne Hyderabad

After SpringOne Beijing and SpringOne Bangalore, Hyderabad was the third stop on the fourteen day trip. This was my first visit to the city, which seems to have a richer history than Bangalore, and a lot more to see as a tourist. On the first afternoon, @jencompgeek, @jeremyg484 and I had time to visit the amazing Golkonda Fort.

SpringOne Hyderabad was massive. There was even more people, more energy and more enthusiasm than at SpringOne Bangalore. After giving the same keynote and presentation as in Bangalore, I spent the rest of the day talking with lots of attendees and getting my photograph taken numerous times! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many of those photos online.

Incidentally, the food at  SpringOne Bangalore, and SpringOne Hyderabad (along with SGCE 2012 Mexico City) was the best conference food I’ve ever had. It was impressive that high quality, host and very tasty food was prepared for a such large number of people. Other conferences should take note.

Speaking of food, that evening we went to Paradise, a delicious Hyderabadi Biryani house. Afterwards, we stopped by the christmas decorations outside the hotel.

The day after the conference I went on a great tour of Hyderabad courtesy of I’ll write about that in a separate post.

After Hyderabad, I then flew to Dubai, the fourth and final stop on the trip, for a relaxing weekend on the beach.

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