Around the world in 14 days: SpringOne Bangalore

After SpringOne Beijing, the second stop on my 14 day tour was Bangalore, India. This was my third time in Bangalore (since July!) and I love the place: the fantastic ITC Gardenia hotel, the delicious food (e.g. Dosa/Idli/Paratha for breakfast, Kebabs and Kurries at ITC Gardenia, Samarkand on Infantry Rd, and Khansama in UB City) and the crazy, crazy traffic. Warm and sunny Bangalore also was a very pleasant change from sub-zero Beijing.

SpringOne Bangalore was an incredible event. A total of approximately 2000 developers attended SpringOne Bangalore and SpringOne Hyderabad. Lots of energy. Lots of enthusiasm.

I gave two talks at the conference. The first talk Developing modular, polyglot applications with Spring was the opening keynote. In the talk I presented a modern application architecture – back-end consisting of micro-services, HTML5/JavaScript browser front-end and a NodeJS application as the mediator between the two – and the role of the Spring framework and related projects in numerous facets of the architecture.

The second talk was Developing polyglot persistence applications. This talk describes how to develop applications that combine SQL and NoSQL databases and so leverage the strengths of each kind of database.

After Bangalore, the third stop on the tour was Hyderabad.

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