Oredev 2013: Goose blood soup and NodeJS the good parts.

A couple of weeks ago I gave my NodeJS: the good parts? A skeptic’s view talk at Oredev 2013. Check out the slides and the video of the presentation.

This was my second time at Oredev, which takes place in Malmo, Sweden. It’s an exceptionally good conference. Lots of great content and fun speaker activities. After a long flight from SFO, I wasn’t up for jumping naked into the Baltic with a lot of strangers, but I enjoyed the city tour (pictures below) and the speakers dinner in the city hall. I also had an excellent dinner, which included spicy Goose blood soup (tasted like ginger bread), with Cecilia, Klara and Marcus.

Interesting sessions at the conference included:

There was also the thought provoking (unlike any other) keynote by Anna Beatrice Scott.

There were a lot more sessions that I wanted to listen to but after the first day I had fly to Casablanca, Morocco for JMagreb 2013.


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