NodeJS: the good parts? A skeptic’s view at #javaconf

I recently gave a talk about NodeJS at the JAX conference in Santa Clara. Here are the abstract and slides.

JavaScript used to be confined to the browser. But these days, it’s becoming increasingly popular in server-side applications in the form of Node.js. Node.js provides event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that supposedly makes it easy to build scalable network application. In this talk you will learn about the consequences of combining the event-driven programming model with a prototype-based, weakly typed, dynamic language. We will share our perspective as a server-side Java developer who wasn’t entirely happy about JavaScript in the browser, let alone on the server. You will learn how to use Node.js effectively in modern, polyglot applications.

And, here is the video

I also gave my Developing with cloud services talk.

I also enjoyed John Kodumal’s Scala Typeclassopedia talk on Scala type classes. A great explanation of some concepts that are covered well.

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