Java University, JavaOne and Silicon Valley Code Camp

Except for PhillyETE, and GlueCon, most of the conferences I’ve been to this year have been overseas, e.g.  JavaZone, JFokus, QCon London, and Egyptian Java developers conference and the Cloud Foundry open tour in Ukraine, Russia, England, and India etc..  Consequently,  it made a nice change to recently speak at some local events: JavaOne 2012 and Silicon Valley Code Camp.

On the Sunday of JavaOne I taught a one day Spring class at JavaOne’s Java University. The class covered the fundamentals of the Spring framework – dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming and portable service abstractions – along with more modern features such as Spring Data for NoSQL and Cloud Foundry‘s support for Spring applications.

I also had a couple of conference sessions on the Wednesday. The first was Developing polyglot persistence applications.  This talk describes how an application can leverage the strengths of both SQL and NoSQL databases such as Redis. You can listen to the audio or view the slides:

The second talk was Developing applications with Cloud Services. This talk described how to develop applications that use cloud services such as Twilio (Telephony-aaS) and Factual (Geo database -aaS). You can listen to the audio or view the slides:

On saturday I spoke at Silicon Valley Code Camp. I’ve wanted to go to this event for the past few years but there were always conflicts. What a great event! Over 3000 attendees; awesome conference; the only thing lacking was plentiful coffee. At this event I gave the latest version of Decomposing applications for deployability and scalability. Here are the slides for that talk:

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