Awesome JavaZone 2012 – Oslo, Norway

I recently attended the JavaZone 2012 conference in Oslo, Norway. This was my third time at the conference and just like previous years it was awesome.

At JavaZone, I gave the latest version of my Decomposing applications for scalability and deployability talk. This talk describes the limitations of a monolithic architecture and describes how you can apply the scale cube to decompose your application into a set of narrowly focused, independently deployable back-end services and an HTML 5 client. It also describes how an open-source PaaS, such as Cloud Foundry, can simplify the developing, testing and deployment of applications with this kind of architecture. You can find the slides here and watch the video of the talk:

Decomposing applications for scalability and deployability from JavaZone on Vimeo.

I also enjoyed a number of talks, most notably:

The Thursday night after the conference I had dinner with @z_oleg at Cafe Asylet. I’d met Harold the owner a year ago on the flight home from JavaZone 2011. Good beer and very tasty Norwegian food. I had the Fiskesnadder – appetizer plate of mostly fishy things – and the Hjemmelagde kjøttkaker – meatballs. Highly recommended.

IMG 2823IMG 2824

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