Fjords, presentation patterns, NoSQL, Scala etc. In Norway

I recently spent a couple of days in Oslo, Norway at the JavaZone conference. This was my second time at the conference and once again I was impressed: great presentations; an overflow room overlooking the exhibit floor where you can tune into any of the six tracks and watch talks on a large video screen; high-quality food available all day long; onsite child care; and all the talks are videoed and made available soon after the conference.

At JavaZone, I gave the latest version of my Polyglot persistence/NoSQL talk. In this version, I shortened the generic introduction to NoSQL and expanded the more interesting POJOs in Action case study. The case study describes the implementation of a use case from my book using Redis, Cassandra and MongoDB. You can view the video here.

There were quite a few presentations that I enjoyed:

The friday after the conference I went on the Norway in Nutshell tour with @starbuxman. That turned out to be a very long tiring day, which was made even more so by hanging out in a  bar the night before until past midnight with @starbuxman, @m_f_, and @jtdavies. The day started with catching the 6.30am train in direction of Bergen and we got back to Oslo at 10.30pm. In between, we had two 5 hour train rides; another 1 hour train ride down the mountain; a two hour ferry ride through the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord fjords; and a death defying bus ride. But it was incredibly worthwhile. The scenery was spectacular.

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