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Deploying Spring Boot-based microservices with Docker – part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we looked at the benefits of the microservice architecture and showed how Spring Boot simplifies the development of microservices. We also built a couple of simple Spring Boot-based services for user … Continue reading

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Upgrading my microservices-based application to the new version of Docker using Packer and Chef

For some time now I’ve been running Docker-based dev and prod environments on Amazon EC2. Even though Docker is pretty new it works well and it’s a good platform for deploying microservice based applications. Each microservice is packaged as a Docker … Continue reading

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Building microservices with Spring Boot – part 1

This article introduces the concept of a microservice architecture and the motivations for using this architectural approach. It then shows how Spring Boot, a relatively new project in the Spring ecosystem can be used to significantly simplify the development and … Continue reading

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Decomposing applications for deployability and scalability – part 1

In April 2012, I started giving a talk called “Decomposing applications for deployability and scalability” . It discusses the benefits and drawbacks of decomposing a monolithic application into a collection of independently deployable and scalable services. Below is the version … Continue reading

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